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A Landscape Beyond Death

Dear Friends,
I would like to invite you to the streaming of my latest piece, A Landscape Beyond Death, which was the final outcome of my MFA Choreography research at Trinity Laban. In my creation process, I experimented with Freud’s primary processes and how they can be identified and potentially recreated in choreographic practice. The process of dreaming – the archetype of creative activity became my main focus in exploring how fragments of traumatic experience may reach the surface and manifest into movement, structure and theatrical image.
🗝 Keywords:
✧ postdramatic dance theatre
✧ the distorted self
✧ deconstructing narrative
✧ landscape dramaturgy
✧ the distorted storyteller
✧ creative subsystem
✧ primary processes

A Landscape Beyond Death

by Julia Gyulai

Empty landscape

Clayey grey fragments of soil

Drought crawling up my feet

Standing here forever, like a statue made of stone

Memories long lost, nothing to feel

Waking up from a dream that’s not even yours

There’s a shadow at your feet |

You react

How alien did that movement feel

Like it’s not even yours |

You appear in your fingertips |

Oozing through them, flowing towards you

Running up your arm

You want to lift you |

Breaks out of your shoulder |

You touch his hand |

Breath out

A sigh, waiting for way too long |

Your hand resembles his hand |

A picture of the last time someone touched you

How was that

How does it make you feel |

He throws you away

You fall into a spiral slide |

Arriving into complete darkness you can’t see

But you can feel someone around you

On your right

On your left |

Voice drowns slowly |

They catch your hand

Music starts to play

It feels nice it’s soothing

It feels like home |

A touch on the head dipped in love |

You swing into space |

Push through a dark velvet curtain |

There’s a place that you know |

A childhood party, old friends look strange

Like a dream |

Mother’s high heels on your feet

Cockroaches crack

You hear them squeeze

And crack

And squeeze beneath your heel

It’s okay |

Left hand covered in blood

Bucket full of water |

But fuck it all it’s just a dream

Rip yourself out of the scene |

Kick in that purple door, it looks wooden but it’s not |

A giraffe afraid of height

That waxed a leg and really liked

That slippery feeling|

Someone pushes your knee you fall again

Through a tunnel |

Papers everywhere |

Clues and hints and keys

To the story of your own

You need to find them all |

And put it in your bag

In this grey and rather tall

Tunnel of falling back |

Spiral earthquake

Bursting headache |

Dive into pink velvet fields

On every inch of your skin

Caress the touch

Embrace proximity

Are you the sky, the velvety |

Shake a frog off your foot |

Off your shoulder |

Slide into a puddle of mud Splash

Cuddle around in it

Fall in love with it

Put your hand into it

Is it cold? Is it thick?

Play with it like a dog |

Pause. It’s all empty. |

Don’t hurt me

I can dance with you

See his body, feel his presence

Make eye contact, he’s dangerous |

But you’re attracted

He grabs your waist |

Push him away like you want him |

Kick a star off the sky

That’s all you can give him |

So you did but now you’re vulnerable|

Anger dancing in your hands |

Look at him |

Pink velvet fields suck you back in

So smooth

So soft you feel within |

Wake up on a train

There’s panic get off

Suddenly, you’re the tin man of Oz |

Movement slowly fading away

The arm, the head, the foot

Doesn’t work

It’s okay |

You’re a race car driving down to Miami

Curving through time nice and smoothly |

Rollercoaster ride in the dark

That point when the free-fall starts

And echoes away |

And you echo back

Into your fingertips

Tears burst into shoulders,

The chest, the back and it feels all right

It feels so easy |

A geyser breaks out underneath

And flows along your body |

You feel so strong and undefeatable

Ancient powers rent your flesh |

Transform into a phoenix bird

Golden wings –

Some also red,

Like blood, embarrassingly fresh |

Flying high |

Catching land and crawling away

Like a human |

The ambivalence of walking |

Not sure if this is how I’m supposed to do this

Can I fly with legs |

Exhale the phoenix |

Your hand will lead the way |

It takes over

It’s quick, it’s vibrant

It’s like the golden little thing in quidditch |

But then there’s someone who you forgot to tell

How much you want them to go to hell |

You’re just not strong enough, you can’t |

The landscape seems to disappear

Unspeakable gravity sucks you back |

Bullshit frozen on a concrete surface

Try explaining yourself |

There’s a better you that breaks out instead

What is she like |

Blue skinned cartoon avatar girl

From some beautiful, uncanny movie world |

She goes for it

She fights for you

She actually really fights you |

Wants to rip of her head

Your head

You’re a headache |

Let’s say she did

You’re thrown out of her head |

A long-legged fairy dancing on ice |

There’s a pendulum swinging

Among all dressed up mice |

Suddenly covered by thick pink velvet

It’s everywhere |

The someone is back

You could tell them to fuck off

So you finally do. |

A satisfying hurricane bursting through your body |

Put it in a box |

Feel the wind your movements cause |

It takes you to Broadway

It’s all jazzy and sparkling |

Try to steel the glamour hug it close, run away |

Remember the dark?

It surrounds you again |
Someone is there

On your right

On your left

They are moving away |

Follow the sound

Feel the fear of the unknown |

A second of stillness and pregnant silence |

Just a tin board swinging in the wind

A little girl bouncing around

But something’s weird |

The shadows are too big |

It’s the final battle you made it here

Like some crazy brutal videogame

You killed everyone on the way

But you’re not the hero you’re the ruthless creature,

You are the final enemy |

A frozen moment

Time standing still |

You turn into black velvet

You flow down the stairs |

You won the final battle

Against all of yourselves |